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What is a Spiritual Life-Coach or Spiritual Director?

Simply put, a spiritual life-coach helps you find direction / purpose / meaning, by helping you listen to your own inner voice, through intuition and Divine guidance.  It is wholistic (involves mind, body & soul), rooting in your daily life (balancing your work and personal life) and helps you find peace, love, joy and contentment.  Only by helping yourself can you then help others do the same.

A spiritual director, or more popular term "life-coach" is a professionally trained companion and friend who listens to your deepest desires, or just a listener to all that is going on in your life at the present moment, and helps you heal, grow and achieve your deepest desires.  A friend who walk with you, supporting you, encourages you and help you stay-on the journey to become to best YOU that you can be.

This journey begins with getting to know yourself, becoming aware of your habits, or patterns, and helping you to become more aware and awake. Life-coaching and spiritual direction is totally non-judgemental and you can come from any walk of life, any faith or cultural background.  It is about the Real You.

I do this work using various wholistic tools including:
• Art / visuals.      • Poetry
• Visualization/ imagination
• Understand our dreams
• Body / somatic awareness
• Journalling, writing, mind-maps
• Wisdom & scripture from different faith traditions
• Inspirational writing, eg. Rumi, Mary Oliver, Hildegard of Bingen, Teresa of Avila, Ignatius of Loyola & Oprah.
• and others...

Spiritual direction or coaching with Nita is currently available through Skype.  For further information and to book your first Introductory session, please contact

Empowering Graceful Women Weekends - in Kuala Lumpur & London, Mar & May 2018

We invite women to come together to join us to:
   * Hold Sacred Space  * Listen  * Explore  * Become Aware  * Heal  * Grow  
   * Enhance  * Deepen  * To Come into Our True Self and Purpose
Wholistically (mind, body, heart & soul) individually and as a group

Kuala Lumpur, 2-4 Mar 2018
Arrive Fri, Mar 2 afternoon & depart Sun, Mar 4 after lunch
(SG$300 / HK$1800 all inclusive - room, food, sessions)

Regent’s Park London, May Day Weekend (May 5-7)
(£58 per day - sessions only. Bring your own lunch - non residential)

Please email runwaters@ to register/inquire

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Retreat, Workshop & Training Schedule - in English, Cantonese, Mandarin & Korean

Individually Guided Retreats
You may choose any number of days within these dates:

2017, Dec 12-17 (Tue-Sun) – St Anne's, Bukit Mertajam, Penang
2018, Mar 1-10 (Thu-Sat) – Kuala Lumpur
[SG$110 / HK$650 per day (all inclusive - room, food, sessions)]

Sept & Oct – Hong Kong [TBA]

Retreat at Regent's Park London (non-residential) 
Mar 31-Apr 2 (Sat-Mon)
May 4-7 (Sat -Mon)
May 25-28 (Sat -Mon)
[£58 per day (sessions only. Bring your own lunch)]

Online Retreats
Available via Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat or Gmail Hangout:
Dec 12-17 (Tue-Sun),   
Mar 1-10 (Thu-Sat) 
Mar 31-Apr 2 (Sat-Mon),    
May 4-7 (Sat -Mon) 
Please email to register / inquire.  Thank you

"Nita Neshama held space for me, for my emotional heart space in my retreat with her." - Wan Ting, Singapore (enlightened millennial, dancer, social entrepreneur)

"I deepen my spiritual journey...with God and redeemed fully the integration of self in spirit and soul. My dream and prayer has come true to experience...constant peace and loving myself unconditionally.....I encourage everyone to take time for this retreat. Contemplative retreat in silence is going to be my annual journey. Agape" - Elizabeth, Netherlands (dance & authentic movement therapist, loves working with elderly, parents & children relational dynamics, soul warrior)

"Nita is a mystic. She radiates joy and warmth because she lives out the joy and compassion of her faith. Her deep connection to the love of God was reflected on how she coached me, helping me to experience deeply this love. She is a woman of wisdom.  She listened deeply and helped me find clarity in my inner movements, make discernments and attain spiritual freedom. While she is a joyful person, she has the capacity to be present to pain and suffering, and provide a holding which made me feel secure and loved.  Her training and experience in spirituality, clinical pastoral care,  body work, yoga and healing enable her to provide spiritual direction in a holistic, open and compassionate manner. My experience with Nita was like going from Confucius (structured DOing) to Lao Tzu (contemplative BEing), for she directed with the wisdom of a mystic. She did not give me answers but helped me to get in touch with my true self, which was like the sun hidden beneath the clouds.  The spiritual journeys she walked with me were profound and grace filled, and she is a gift from God." - Lucy, Hong Kong (gifted therapist in many modalities, spiritual coach, nursing & healthcare trainer, one of the founders of hospice care in Hong Kong)

"I first met Nita at the Queenswood retreat center in Victoria, Canada. I was on a healing journey after many years of suffering with depression. Nita was employed there doing yoga and art classes & workshops. It was no accident that Nita was there with me as I went through a profound transformative experience at that time.  Nita played a big part in assisting and encouraging and inspiring me as I stepped into a new part of my life and a new part of me that I did not know was there. I took part in Nita’s classes which were wonderful, but more important to mention is that her presence is where her power lies. She held a space of acceptance, kindness and encouragement for me throughout the ups and downs of my stay at the retreat center. I discovered the artist in me while I was there and now I continue to paint and sell my work and I can also say that I am well. Nita has a wonderful gift to assist healing in others, I am so proud to know her."  Leya, Canada (since her retreat in 2009/2010, Leya has become a successful artist, exhibiting all over Canada & internationally)

Nita是我的Batik Art 與 瑜伽導師培訓的指導師,她很天賦,在藝術與瑜伽教學方面都有自己的風格。我喜歡跟Nita上課學習因爲她的指導方式是以心出發,富具配合性與創意性。除了技術之外,她還幫助我增添信心,讓自己不恐懼地去做,去學習。

上一般傳統的課老師通常要學生學畫一些規定的圖以及學習規定的技巧。Nita給我建議就是隨心多畫,Batik Art 是沒有不美的作品的,這讓沒有畫畫基礎的我安心放心的去發揮自己。很喜歡這種以學生爲主的教學方法。


每次與Nita一起閑聊或上課我都獲益不淺,她是個不折不扣的良師益友,也是我靈性旅途上的伴侶。我愛你,謝謝你。Namaste. Bisous. - Mai San, Chinese living in France (speaker for Ximalaya FM, an online spirituality radio station in China)

Contemplation Retreat - June 16-19, 2018 at Orval Monastery, Belgium

NIta Ng & Elizabeth Rutten-Ng are offering individual and group Contemplation Retreat in the ORVAL ABBEY in Belgium.

Why a contemplation retreat?
In our contemplation retreat, we encourage natural organic flow with self and with nature where we listen in silence by being; and flow with dance, movement, photography and/or art to which we are drawn to.  We embrace the art to be, to listen and rest in the presence, in the here and now, by being, loving, being gentle, kind and compassionate towards self in contemplation.

Why in the Abbey?
The Abbey is a sacred space surrounded by Nature and run by the Trappist monks.  The way the monks live gives us an insight to what it is to live in simplicity and how we can be our individual self and yet with each other such as during meals and in the office. Witnessing their way of being and life as a monk in the offices (prayers), opens our way of being in our own daily routine even when we swing ourselves back to our normal routine life. Given the society today, we are drown with information and hectic life-pace,  it is essential to go away to reconnect with self, nature annually - a commitment to self-care and unconditional loving act for ourselves.

The Contemplation retreat is on 16 - 19 June, 2018, Saturday and Sunday.
We meet at the Abbey for lunch at 1pm om 16 June and leave after dinner, 6.30pm on 19 June.  You can leave early or stay longer in the Abbey as you desire after.

We offer 2 days of an hour group retreats in the nature on 17 and 19 June after lunch.  And also offering individual retreat, one to one with either Nita or Elizabeth.
Nita is taking 4 retreatants per day and Elizabeth, only 2 per day.

To check the availability of the rooms, please contact the Abbey personally to make your booking. The link is ORVAL ABBEY STAY. They are quite popular so please book early with them to secure the room. For more details, refer to the link.  There is a bus stop near the abbey where you can alight and walk to the abbey.  Do check with them how to get there if you are coming by plane, train or other means of transport.

If you are joining us in the group retreat ( please inform Elizabeth) or like to have personal retreat, contact either of us for arrangements.  The suggested love offering is SG$200 or 125 euro per session.

We look forward to connecting with you in the contemplation retreat in the Abbey.

Empowering Graceful Women Leadership workshop Hong Kong, Oct 2018

Spa for the Soul - 
Personally-guided silent retreats (residential): 
We are each invited into a deeper relationship with the Divine. With one-on-one spiritual guidance, let us make time to listen more deeply to our Higher & Unconditionally Love Self, discerning how we are called to a unique, personal journey. 
When you transform the soul, you transform thoughts, actions & behaviour.

And for those who are physically unable to travel to the retreat centre, you may do this retreat ONLINE through Skype or Gmail Hangout.  All retreats are available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin & Bahasa.  

Sept & Oct 2018 in Hong Kong!
Pls email us for inquiries OR for Skype retreats. Thank you

For other dates, pls email us to check availability.  Thanks
Suggested donation per session is $200 (SG/AU), give what you can


Monday, February 9, 2015

30 Day Retreat - Inter-Spiritual Exercises & Personally Guided Sabbatical

30 Day Retreat  - Inter-Spiritual Exercises & 
Personally Guided Sabbatical (2018 now open for enquiry)
(Pre-requisite: must do a 6-8 day retreat with Nita to discern if you are called to this)

Compassionate, Contemplative and Intuition Listener course - spiritual [wholistic] life coaching
This course can be done through Skype for most individual sessions, but face-to-face for groups.

8-day personally guided retreat – to discern if they are called to begin this course.

22 sessions of Spiritual Life-Coaching (with a stay-in retreat for the final 10 days).

Learn and practice the gifts of presence, and compassion and contemplative listening – include listening in pairs and in trios.

Share the gifts of silent contemplation, visualization/imagination, journaling (in words or visually) and Gratitude, with individuals as well as in groups.

Practice listening for two weekend retreats and as well as individual sessions under the trainer’s supervision.

Please contact us at RunWaters@ to find out more.
Please register latest 4 weeks before the above programmes. Minimum 10 pax, otherwise the retreat will be cancelled.


Elizabeth Rutten-Ng, Netherlands
Through 35-days of both online and residential retreat, Elizabeth went from a space of hurt, fragmentation of Self who left her family home, former work, and even the country she was born in TO BE-coming a healed, whole person.  A beautiful woman who knows who she is, who knows God's LOVE, an empowered, strong woman who now brings Love & Light to others as well.

Bonnie Wong, Hong Kong
Experience of loneliness
  • The experience of 2 weeks stay-in silent retreat was totally different from the retreat in daily life before the stay-in one, in terms of the experience of loneliness, as well as the anxiety brought by the “too-much” time to be spent with God alone and having nothing to do.  Looking back, such loneliness (or solitude) is a must to clear all the obstacles in my heart in order to create a sacred place for meeting with God.
  • I was more open and my senses were sharper when I was forced to be alone; I can see more carefully, listen more closely, feel more deeply towards myself, the Divine and the outside world.

Loving feeling
  • I was frightened by Jesus’ direct expression of craze and passionate love like young lovers, so full of energy and zest.  Through love song and images, I was overwhelmed by and infused in the loving feeling, being loved, adored, appreciated and treasured as if I was His only love.  The love burnt through days and it eventually turns into a gentle and long lasting flame of love.
  • I will never forget Jesus’ craze love for sure but His gentle love would be enough for me to recognize Him through such loving feeling.

Rich Prayer
  • Through contemplative prayer on the Gospel, I was led by the Spirit to face my anger towards the Father and those political leaders in connection with all the sufferings and tragedies in the world.  The Spirit helps me to see sufferings with a different angle, in particular to understand the Father’s heart more, I was moved by the union of the Trinity and the love between the Father and the Son.
  • Through drawing from Ignatius, I was attracted to “becoming a child”, to let God take my hands to explore, to look at the world like a child, to live like a child.  Through drawing, I am more ready to “unlearn” and put down my own mindset and framework as I can never understand life “logically”.  By the end of retreat, I co-created with the Spirit on a painting named “Dance of the Spirit”, the strokes was like flame, like dance, like movement, like the dress of the spinning Flamingo dancers, so full of life, love and energy.
  • The icon of “Jesus My Companion” was inductive to my prayer.  It helps me to entering into the sacred space to meet with Jesus.  The workshop on Icon Writing helped me to recognize Jesus not by His face but the loving feeling and His radiant light.

After the Retreat
  • The experience of the retreat was very rich and some of it was flashed back from time to time.  Among them, the feelings and drawings are deeply imprinted in the heart and I do need to review my journal for other inspiration, thinking and fragments.